An Overview of FlexWare® Services

FlexWare International LLC delivers services to an exceptionally broad range of client industry type and size.  From large scale, international communications organizations to leading edge defense contractors, from automotive giants to automation leaders, FlexWare International clients have advantaged their efforts and eclipsed their competitors by engaging the extensive experience and visionary prowess of the FlexWare® team.

With its seasoned, multi-decade experience developed by starting in an era before cloud services of any kind existed, the FlexWare® team is able to employ a rare sensitivity to the needs of what takes place on-premises and how to best design, develop and deploy the appropriate cloud services for each client’s unique focus and needs.  For those clients seeking to maintain either redundancy between on-premises and cloud, or preserve fully self-sufficient, closed solutions, the FlexWare® team can service these security and network abstraction requirements as well.

Comparing On-Premises, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS

for Matching to Specific Client Needs

IaaS, PaaS and SaaS are discrete solution sets.  While there may appear to be a degree of “interchangeability” for reference and/or application to these technologies, it is important to understand their differences and reasons for correct use.  Please consider the following reference table of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS functionality when compared to traditional On Premises environments:

Rely on the FlexWare® team for a proper needs assessment of your IaaS, PaaS and SasS requirements.  FlexWare® will never up-sell or bind its customers to a particular service, use or provider and always works to ensure the best solutions available are presented for all functional requirements, Internally, domestically and globally.

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